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Do you have the right meal plan? During the first two weeks of each semester you can change your meal plan to a plan that fits your lifestyle! Please contact the Cashier's Office to make any changes.

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Meal Plan Memberships

We know that today's students have more dining options than ever. Our meal plan memberships are flexible so you can get the most out of them. There are two parts [weekly meal allowance/block and Dining Dollars] to most meal plans, and you choose the one you want.

Weekly Meal Allowance: Weekly meal allowances allow you a set number of meals per week. These meals can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. They can be used at any of our residential restaurants and do not roll over from week to week.


Block Plans: Block plans give you the flexibility of choosing when you would like to eat your “anytime” meals. You are given a set number of meals per semester and may use them anytime at any of our residential restaurants. Meals do not roll over from semester to semester.


Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars supplement your weekly meal allowance and can be used at all of our service locations on campus. The balance will roll over to the next semester until graduation. Dining Dollars only come with your meal plan [cannot be purchased separately]. Any unused balance remains in student's account until used and will be refunded at graduation or withdrawal from Baylor.

Guest Passes: 5 guest passses are included with every meal plan membership. You can use these guest passes to treat a friend or family to a meal when they come to visit!

Summer 2014
Meal Plan Memberships

Prices per summer session

Meal Plan
Summer I
Summer II
The Works-16 Meal Plan
The Classic-11 Meal Plan
The Basic-7 Meal Plan
The Socialite-5 Meal Plan

Prices for the Full Summer semester

The Works-16 Meal Plan $1,407.73
The Classic-11 Meal Plan $1,269.20
The Basic-7 Meal Plan $824.11
The Socialite-5 Meal Plan $602.22

Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Meal Plan Memberships



All freshmen, Residential College for Engineering and Computer Science, and Brooks Residential College students are required to select from the meal plans listed below in this column.

Voluntary on-campus students who do not live in Brooks Residential College or the Residential College for Engineering and Computer Science and off-campus students can choose from any of the nine meal plans listed below.

The Unlimited
Unlimited all-you-care-to-eat meals per week. This plan allows you to have unlimited meals at any time in any residential hall. This plan is perfect for on-campus students who don't want limitations

The Block 145
145 all-you-care-to-eat meals/semester
If about 8 meals per week sounds good to you, then this is your plan. With The Block 145 you have the flexibilty of using your meals whenever you want with no set amount per week.

The Block 225
225 all-you-care-to-eat meals/semester
$75 Dining Dollars

With The Block 225, the amount of meals you use per week is unlimited; you can eat multiple meals during a single meal period at any residential location at any time during the week. Meals expire at the end of the semester and do not roll over. 

The Block 90
90 all-you-care-to-eat meals/semester
$100 Dining Dollars

Do you want the flexibility to eat your meals when you want them? How about having the freedom to choose how many meals you want today? With our new Block 90, you could eat six meals one day and three the next, it is all up to you. 

The Works
16 all-you-care-to-eat meals/week
$100 Dining Dollars

If three square meals a day is your style, The Works will add convenience and variety to your life!

The Basic
7 all-you-care-to-eat meals/week
Only need one meal per day? The Basic is ideal for days you don't want to cook, want to grab something on the run or just feel like meeting your friends for a fun meal.

The Classic
11 all-you-care-to-eat meals/week
$150 Dining Dollars

Sleep 'til the last minute?  Don't have time to grab breakfast?  The Classic is right for you!  It is perfect for those who love to eat but may skip a meal because sleep is important too.  After all, you can use your Dining Dollars to grab coffee on the go!

The Socialite
5 all-you-care-to-eat meals/week
$100 Dining Dollars

If one meal a day during your school week is all you need, then this is the plan for you. It enables you to grab a quick bite between classes or to meet your friends for a laid back dinner.

The Light-Eater
3 all-you-care-to-eat meals/week
$250 Dining Dollars

Love to cook but not every night? Treat yourself to a full dining experience at one of our residential restaurants or choose from a variety of National Brands at the SUB.

All Meal Plans come with 5 Guest Passes Per Semester


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